Truffle & Delicate Goods​

"If one wants to lead a moral life, stay well away from truffles!"

Old italian saying


Carefully selected olive, grapeseed and paprika oils flavored with natural spices.

Burgundy Olive Oil

Burgundy Truffle Olive Oil100ml

Magnatum Grapeseed Oil

Magnatum Truffle Grapeseed Oil100ml

Paprika Seed Oil (very hot)

Paprika Seed Oil (very hot)100ml

Paprika Seed Oil (spicy)

Paprika Seed Oil (spicy)100ml

Delicate Goods

Vinegar, honey and other delicate products with truffle.

Balsamic Vinegar Essence with Truffles

Balsamic Vinegar Essence with Truffles100ml

Acacia Honey with Black Truffles

Acacia Honey with Black Truffles 200g

Plum Truffle Juleppe

Plum Truffle Juleppe200g

Tokay Wine Jelly with Black Truffles

Tokay Wine Jelly with Black Truffles100ml

Fresh Truffles - Seasonally